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Конная литература на иностранных языках

Книги на иностранном языке:

Abutarbush - Illustrated Guide to Equine Diseases, 2009

Advances-in-Equine-Nutrition-III-Vol 1

Advances-in-Equine-Nutrition-III-Vol 2

Alice Hayes - The Horsewoman

Allan j. Hamilton – Zen Mind Zen Horse

Anatomia Clinica del Caballo

Anderson - How to Ride and School a Horse

Anderson - Modern Horsemanship, 1891

Anderson - School training for horses, 1882

Andrea Floyd - Equine_Podiatry, 2007

Andrew J. Higgins - The Equine Manual (Second Edition), 2006

Anne McCabe - A Byzantine Encyclopaedia of Horse Medicine, 2007

Ardus - Wild horses and their management

Arno Lindner - Performance diagnosis and purchase examination of elite sport horses

Arno Lindner - The acute poorly performing sport horse

Atlas de radiologia de las extremidades del caballo

Atlas of Equine Ultrasonography

Audrey Pavia - Horse Health & Nutrition For Dummies, 2008

Audrey Pavia - Horseback Riding For Dummies, 2007

Audrey Pavia - Horses for Dummies, 2005

Audrey Pavia - Trail Riding, 2005

Auer, Stick - Equine Surgery, 2006

Ballou - 101 Exercices_de_Dressage

Ballou - Equine anatomy and physiology, 1896

Barakzai - Handbook of Equine Respiratory Endoscopy, 2007

Baucher - A Method of Horsemanship, 1852

Baucher - Methode D'Equitatiom, 1874

Baxter - Manual_of_Equine_Lameness, 2011

Bertone - Equine Clinical Pharmacology, 2004

Betty Bolte – Dressage, 2002

Betty Bolte – Jumping, 2002

Blake - Talking With Horses

Blanchard, Sarah - The Power Of Positive Horse Training, 2005

Bonnie Rush - Equine Respiratory Diseases, 2004

Bonny Henderson - Equine Health and Emergency Management

Bourgelat - A New System Of Horsemanship

Bowling - The Genetics of the Horse, 2000

Bradford G. Bentz - Understanding Equine Colic, 2004

Bramlage, Richardson, Markel - AO Principles of Equine Osteosynthesis, 1999

Brenda Gilligan - Practical Horse Law - A Guide For Owners and Riders, 2002

BRENT KELLEY - Horse Breeds of the World, 2002

BRENT KELLEY - Horse Care And Health, 2002

Brown, Pilliner, Davies - Horse And Stable Management, 2003

Bucklin - How Your Horse Wants You To Ride, 2004

Bucklin - More How Your Horse Wants To Ride, 2006

Bucklin - The Gentle Art of Horseback Riding, 2013

Building or renovating a small barn for your horse

Butler - Clinical Radiology of the Horse, 2000

Cap. M.H. Hayes - Stable management and exercise

capt. M.H. Hayes - Illustrated Horse Breaking

Cardini - Dictionnaire D'Hippitrique et D'Equitation, 1848

Care and Management of Horses, 2004

Cavalry of the Roman

Celia Marr - Cardiology of the Horse (1st ed)

Celia Marr - Cardiology of the Horse (2nd ed), 2010


Charles S. Farrow - Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging - The Horse, 2006

Charles Wilhelm - Building Your Dream Horse, 2005

Charles Wilhelm - Starting Baby Jaz

Cherry Hill - Horse hoof care, 2009

Cherry Hill - How to think like a horse

Cherry Hill - What Every Horse Should Know

Christopher C. Pollitt8 - Equine Laminitis, 2008

Clay McShane - Horse in the City Living Machines in the Nineteenth Century, 2007

Clinical radiology of the horse 3rd

Clinical veterinary advisor the horse

Colics and their treatment

Colin Vogel - Complete Horse Care Manual, 2011

Colleen Sell - Cup of Comfort for Horse Lovers, 2008

Common Sense Horsemanship A Safe And Simple Approach To Riding Horses

Conservation genetics of endangered horse breed

Current Therapy in Equine Medicine 5, 2003

Curtis - Corrective farriery. Volume 1, 2002

D. Lloyd - Practical Equine Dermatology, 2003

D.S. Mills, K.J. Nankervis - Equine Behaviour Principles and Practice

Daniel and Samantha Johnson - The Field Guide to Horses

Das pferde im militarwesen

David A. Wilson - Manual of Equine Field Surgery

David Frape - Equine Nutrition and Feeding, 2004

Davies - Introduction to Horse Biology, 2005

Davies Morel - Equine Artificial Insemination, 1999

Davies Morel - Equine Reproductive Physiology, Breeding, and Stud Management, 2003

De Bussigny - Equitation, 1922

De Hurst - How Woman should ride, 1892

De La Balme - Essais sur L'Equitation

De Pluvinel - L'Instruction Du Roy, 1629

De Pluvinel – Reitkunst

De Vaux - Equitation Ancienne et Moderne

Deborah Reeder, Sheri Miller, DeeAnn Wilfong - AAEVTs Equine Manual for Veterinary Technicians

Debra C. Sellon - Equine Infectious Diseases, 2007

Denoix - Biomechanics and Physical training of the horse, 2014

Denoix - The Equine Distal Limb An Atlas of Clinical Anatomy and Comparative Imaging, 2000

Derek C. Knottenbelt - Saunders Equine Formulary, 2006

Derek Knottenbelt - Color Atlas of Diseases and Disorders of the Horse, 2003

Derek Knottenbelt - Equine Stud Farm Medicine and Surgery, 2003

Derek Knottenbelt - Equine Wound Management, 2003

Diagnosis and Treatment of Foot Lameness

Diagnostic Techniques in Equine Medicine

Die Hilfengebung des Reiters

Die Tellington-Method - So erzieht man sein Rferd

Diseases and disorders of the_horse

Diseases of the horse and how to treat them

Diseases of the horse and how to treat_them - special pathology

Doherty, Valvarde - Manual of Equine Anesthesia and Analgesia, 2006

Dressage for not-so-perfect horse

Dressage in Harmony_ From Basic to Grand Prix (The Masters of Horsemanship Series, Bk. 4) - Zettl, Walter

Dressage in Harmony_ From Basic to Grand Prix (The Masters of Horsemanship Series, Bk. 4) - Zettl, Walter

Duncanson - Veterinary Treatment for Working Equines, 2010

Durant - Horseback riding from medical point of view, 1857

E. Rossier - Manuel pratique, MALADIES DES CHEVAUX, 1994

Eadweard Muybridge - Horses and Other Animals in Motion, 1985

Easley, Schumacher - Equine_Dentistry_(Third_Edition), 2011

Eileen Fabian Wheeler - Horse Stable and Riding Arena Design, 2006

Elaine Walker – Horse, 2008

Ellis - The impact of nutrition on the health and welfare of horses

Emma Lethbridge - Knowing Your Horse,

Encyclopedia of the Horse

Equine Behavior, 2004

Equine Clinical Pharmacology, 2004

Equine Dermatology, 200B

Equine Emergencies, 2008

Equine Genomics

Equine Health and Emergency Management 1st ed

Equine Medicine Secrets, 1999

Equine Medicine, Surgery and Reproduction, 2ed, 2013

Equine Neonatal Medicine

Equine orthopaedics and rheumatology

Equine radiographic positioning guide

Equine reproduction 2ed

Equine Safety

Equine scintigraphy

Equine sport with feeling and know how

Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery



Erste Dressurubungen

Fillis - Breaking and riding

Frances M.D. Henson - Equine Back Pathology Diagnosis and Treatment, 2009

G. Gambado - An Academy for Grown Horsemen

Gary C. W. England - Fertility and Obstetrics in the Horse Third Edition, 2005

Gender and Equestrian Sport Riding Around the World

George H. Waring - Horse Behavior, 2003

Gilger - Equine Ophthalmology (Second Edition), 2011

Gilger - Equine Ophthalmology led

Gincy Self Bucklin - What your horse wants you to know

Goody - Anatomie des Pferdes, 2004

Gordon Baker, Jack Easley - Equine_Dentistry, 2005

Graham R. Duncanson - Veterinary Treatment for Working Equines, 2010

Green - Horse anatomy

Green Guide for Horse Owners and Riders

Gresswell – Charts of the diseases of the horse, 1907

Grimsgaard - Handbook for riders, 1911

Handbook of Equine Anaesthesia, 2nd edition, 2007

Handbook of Equine Radiography, 2010

Hayes - Illustrated Horse Breaking, 1889

Hayes - Stable Management and Exercise, 1900

Heather Smith Thomas - Storey-s Guide to Raising Horses - Breeding.Care.Facilities

Helmut Lenz - Auf olympischem parcours

Henry Blake - Talking_with_Horses

Hershberger - The_Horseman, 1844

Hints on Horsemanship, 1861

Hodgson, McKeever, McGowan - The Athletic Horse Principles and Practice of Equine Sports Medicine

Horace A. Laffaye - The Evolution Of Polo, 2009

Horse breeds of north america

Horse Housekeeping, Everything You Need - Margaret Korda

J.-M. Denoix - The Equine Distal Limb Atlas of Clinical Anatomy and Comparative Imaging

James Fillis - Breaking and Riding with military commentaries

James Fillis - Breaking and Riding with military commentaries

Jane Myers - Horse Safe, 2005

Jane Myers - Managing Horses on Small Properties, 2005

Janet Barrett - On The Fence, 2006

Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt - Equine Massage - A Practical Guide, 2007

Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt - Fitness Evaluation of the Horse, 2008

Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt - The Rider's Fitness Guide to a Better Seat, 2008

Jeremy Houghton Brown, Sarah Pilliner - Horse and Stable Management

John Adams - An Analysis of Horsemanship Vol 2, 1805

John Adams - An Analysis of Horsemanship Vol 3, 1805


John ClarK - The Medieval Horse and Its Equipment, 1995

John Swire - Anglo-French Horsemanship

Josee Hermsen - Westernovejezdeni

Joseph Bertone - Equine Geriatrics Medicine and Surgery, 2006

JULIET CLUTTON-BROCKH - Horse - Eyewitness Books, 2008

Kainer, McCracken - Horse anatomy. A coloring atlas, 1998

Karen Leigh Davis - Deciphering Dressage, 2005

Karen M. Coumbe - The Equine Veterinary Nursing Manual, 2001

Karl A.E. Enenkel - The Horse as Cultural Icon

Kate Luxmoore - Introduction to Equestrian Sports, 2008

Kenneth W. Hinchcliff - Equine Exercise Physiology, 2008

KENT BAKER - Thoroughbred Racing, 2002

Kieffer - Practical Instructions In Horsemanship, 1868

Klaus Dieter Budras - Anatomy Of The Horse (5 Edition), 2005

Klugh - Principles of Equine Dentistry, 2010

La Gueriniere - A treatise upon horsemanship (tr by W.Frazer)

La Gueriniere - Ecole De Cavalerie (Vol 1)

La Gueriniere - Ecole De Cavalerie (Vol 2)

La Gueriniere - Escuela de a caballo

Lesley Ward - The Horse Illustrated Guide to BUYING A HORSE

Linda B. Schultz - Howell Equine Handbook of Tendon and Ligament Injuries, 2004

Linda Tellington-Jones - Horse Behavior and Training, 2006

Lt.Col.Blacqur Belair - Cavalry Horsemanship and Horse Training

Manual of equine dermatology

Manual of Equine Reproduction (Second Edition), 2003

Manual of Equine Reproduction (Third Edition)

Manuel Veterinaire, 1825

Marijke de Jong - Academic Art of Riding

Marshall - Dressage From all angles

Martin Furr - Equine Neurology, 2008

Martin Sillence- The Pharmacokinetics of Equine Medications

Martin W. Sandier - Galloping across the USA - Horses in American Life, 2003

Mary W. Bromiley - Equine Injury, Therapy and Rehabilitation (3rd Edition), 2007

Mary W.Bromiley - Fit to Ride, 2000

Mazzuchelli - Scuola Equestre 1, 1805

Mazzuchelli - Scuola Equestre 2, 1805

Mc.Auliffe, Slovis - Color Atlas Of Diseases and Disorders of the Foal, 2008

McDonnell - A practical field guide to horse behavior, 2003

McGreevy, McLean - Equitation Science, 2010

Michael Korda - Horse People, 2003

Mina Davies Morel - Breeding Horses, 2005

Moyer, Schumacher - A Guide to Equine Joint Injection and Regional Anesthesia, 2007

Naomi Scott - Special Needs, Special Horses - A Guide to the Benefits of Therapeutic Riding, 2005

Nathan M.SIovis - Atlas of Equine Endoscopy, 2004

Notes on equitation and horse training

Notes on Equitation and Hose training, 1910

Nutrien Requirements of Horses, 1978

Orsini, Divers - Equine Emergencies Treatment and Procedures, 4th Edition, 2014

Osprey - Men at Arms 033- U.S. Cavalry, 1972

Otfinoski - Horses (Animals Animals), 2010

Pagan - Advances in Equine Nutrition V, 2009

Patricia Pence - Equine Dentistry, 2002

Paula Hawthorne - DNA Profiling of Horse Urine Samples to Confirm Donor Identity, 2009

Paula Morin - Honest Horses - Wild Horses in the Great Basin, 2006

Paz-Silva, Maria Sol Arias Vazquez - Horses Breeding-Health Disorders and Effects on Performance and Behavior

Pembroke - Military Equitation, 1761

Peplow - Encyclopedia Of The Horse, 2002

Peter Gray - Soundness in the Horse, 1993

Rarey - Taming or breakinf the horse

Raynor - The horse anatomy workbook

Reed, Bayly, Sellon - Equine_lnternal_Medicine_3rd_Edition, 2010

Reef - Equine diagnostic ultrsound

Regamey - Traite D'Equitation, 1888

Rick L. Cowell - Diagnostic Cytology and Hematology of the Horse (Second Edition), 2002

Rick Parker - Equine Science

К Ride the Right horse

Rio Barrett -101 horsemanship exercises

Rolf Becker - Erfolg mit longe, hilfszugel und gebib, 1984

Rooney, Robertson - Equine pathology, 1996

Ross, Dyson - Diagnosis and Management of Lameness in the Horse, 2003

Rossdale - The horse - From conception to maturity

Clarke - Habit and the Horse, 1857

Sam Savit - Draw Horses

Sameeh M. Abutarbush, James L. Carmalt - Equine Endoscopy and Arthroscopy for the Equine Practitioner

Samper, Pycock, Mc.Kinnon - Equine Reproduction, 2007

Sarah Pilliner - The Horse in Motion - The Anatomy and Physiology of Equine Locomotion, 2002

Scott, Miller - Equine Dermatology (Second Edition), 2011

Sharon Eastwood - Business Management for the Equine Industry, 2006


Stephen M. Reed - Equine Internal Medicine, 2004

Storey's Guide to Raising Horses_2nd_Edition

Stratton - Thoroughbred horseracing and the welfare of the thoroughbred, 2009

Struss - Ring Riding, 1891

Stuart Tinney - An Expert Guide to Cross Country Riding, 2004

Stubbs - The anatomy of the horse

Tamara Svencer - H.E.R.D Human Equine Relationship Development

Ted S. Stashak - Equine Wound Management, 2008

Tena Bastian - The Horses We Love, the Lessons We Learn, 2007

Tena Bastian - Tips and Tidbits for the Horse Lover, 2008

The anatomy and action of the horse

The Athletic Horse

The equine hospital manual

The growing horse nutrition and prevention of growth disorders

The History and Art of Horsemanship

The Horse Illustrated Guide to Buying a Horse

The impact of nutrition on the health and welfare of horses

The Saddle horse, 1891

The Armored Hоrse in Europe 1480-1620, 2005

Tim Mair - Equine Gastroenterology, 2002

Tim S. Mair, Thomas J. Divers - Equine Internal Medicine - Self-Assessment Color Review

Tom Gore - Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook

Traite d'equitation, 1893

Ultimate Horse Barns

Urwin - The United States Cavalry, 2003

Vanessa Bee - 3 Minute Horsemanship

Vuksic, Grbasic - Cavalry - The History of a Fighting Elite

Waran - The Welfare of Horses, 2003

What every horse should know

William Micklem - Complete Horse Riding Manual

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